Roland Sands Design
RSD Dyna Ripper
Our obsession with the Dyna continues with our latest version of the Dyna Glide built for the Hot Bike Power Tour. It’s always a challenge to evolve each bike we build. This Dyna was no different as we built a newly shaped tail section and gas tank along with a new version of our FXR inspired side battery covers.
RSD Custom Indian
Simplicity is a complicated thing. Deconstruction of a fully engineered machine down to its absolute simplest form takes determination, perseverance, connections and lots of hours. The wiring system has been pulled apart and rebuilt with 90% of the connectors removed for a thin, purpose-built loom. We’ve deconstructed the throttle to utilize an internal twist throttle and remotely located fly-by-wire throttle housing behind the front number plate.
We've customized a ninet ourselves using all the upcoming RSD products. View our BMW parts preview page HERE! The bike has undergone a few more changes and we'll be introducing the modified bike at Bmw motorcycle days in Garmisch this weekend. Be sure to check back for the final bike reveal!
RSD Del Mar Softail
The Del Mar Softail is an homage to the original Go Left Fast Track in Southern California, the Del Mar Mile. Its racing stance is inspired by bobbed big twin racers of the past, but with a modern twist. When in doubt, GO LEFT!!
J&P Sportster
Some said I was just doing what I was built to do. They’d say I was strong, made in America with American hands. That I could handle just about anything and to tell you the truth I did. And if you’d of told me I was going to get a complete redo I wouldn’t of believed it. But I’m living proof, anything can happen and it probably will.