Roland Sands Design
Tonka Todd
Trophy truck racer, business owner and marketing mogul, Tonka Todd Romano, came to us looking for a custom Harley Softail. We put our heads together and came up with a RSD Vintage Kit styled bike that tickled his fancy.
J&P Sportster
So I showed up at the RSD shop a little worse for the wear. Those boys at J&P did a number on me. Plain old abuse is what I call it. Yea, I’m used to it. Being the eternal step child to who ever happened to have my keys had its ups and downs. Occasionally it would just be a nice ride.
RSD KTM 690 Tracker
At the close of every one of our builds, comes the time to prove it out and make sure it works as designed. In this case, we built a flat tracker so, we had to confirm its dirt-worthiness.
RSD Bike Feature: Wanderer
Our shop Sportster has taken another twist with its latest update. Gone are the sissy bar and high bars, traded in for clip-ons and a slick tail section with prototypes of our new Rearsets. We’ve also changed up the wheels with 19” rubber front and rear on vintage drag race inspired Machine Ops Raid Wheels. An aggressive, yet comfortable seating position keeps you focused on the job at hand and your eyes on the road in front of you.
2014 Bagger
We can’t help but go to a racing frame of mind, even when building a Street Glide. We didn’t want to remove any of the comfort and function from the original, but we wanted to improve on it.