Roland Sands Design
RSD Custom Indian "Track Chief"
We built this bike for one of the owners of the last iteration of Indian before they sold to Polaris. He'd owned a few custom bikes and had a lot of problems with them. For this bike reliability was a top concern so we took a lot of care in making sure it retained stockish elements so it would start every time. The wiring loom was a big problem, but we had some underground help from Indian to strip it down to the essentials.
RSD BMW Concept 90
We are proud to announce the unveiling of the BMW Concept 90 today at Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in beautiful Lake Como, Italy. This year is the 90th anniversary of BMW Motorrad and the 40th anniversary of the R 90 S. This bike pays homage to the Daytona Orange boxer from the Seventies.
 Mickey Rourke Build
When we successfully take the long way, we realize we would not have changed one single thing about the way we went, even if it took us much longer than expected. We realize there is a reason for everything and we appreciate all we have learned. Eventually, we even understand that we didn't take the long way, but rather we took the only path we could.
The RSD Desmo Tracker is finally finished, tested and thrashed just enough to ensure she’s ready to do battle on the streets of San Diego. The Desmo Tracker was a difficult build in many ways. As you can imagine digging your hands into the Mona Lisa is not done without a measure of respect and reserve. But this is how we approach most of our builds as we attempt to retain what is best of the original design and to explore ways to improve or change the function of the machine in a way the new owner would like to enjoy his machine. The words Moto GP and Dirttrack couldn’t be further from the other in terms of function and aesthetic on two wheels. Our job was too blend the two into something that could be at home on the show room floor ready for public consumption with a push button starter, comfortable egro’s, street and dirt worthy suspension, lights and 180 plus horsepower on tap. We feel we have obtained that goal.