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RSD Ameri-Tracker
This machine is vintage Flat Track workhorse meets modern race inspired detailing. Showing off a stable of RSD parts and how they can be used to create a highly functional dirty version of your HD Sportster for use on both the street and the local hooligan short track event.  From the Dirt Track inspired Del Mar wheels to the stainless works Slant pipe, combination of RSD Mid Controls and Rearsets, Pro Step Bars and Radial Master Cylinders and Clutch Perch, this Sporty is ready to do work. A RSD Vintage gas tank has been modified for use on this machine, hand made aluminum tail section and number plate have been fabricated along with one-off triple clamps for GSX-R forks that allow for increased steering angle. It makes us want to ride.
Join IV League Flat Track and RSD as we bring Flat Track Racing back to DelMar. This is your chance to bring out the old iron and that rusty steel shoe and put them to good use. There’s a class for nearly everyone so go to the website and register now. Hooligan classes, quads, vintage, pro, beginner and classes for the youngsters. Southern California Flat Track by the Beach in Del Mar is back!! Click here to Register!
So we got invited to build a bike for Born Free 7, which we’re stoked to be a part of. We’ve been attending the show for a last couple of years and it’s really grown into something special. It’s also grown out of being just a chopper event and into a show that welcomes a little bit of everything, but still with a heavy appreciation for old iron and chopper culture. Here’s a little inspiration to start planning your trip to Cali for the show June 27th and 28th. Now we have to figure out WTF we are going to build!
RSD Softail Bomber
Built to satisfy the craving for rapid acceleration, this machine was born out of the need , the need for speed. Not only is that a rock solid Top Gun reference, it's also a disease that is prevalent in two wheel addicts across the globe. You can see the signs. The itchy throttle hand. Red eyes focused on the distant. Jittery and nervous when standing still.  These are all signs of the Need. The Bomb softail was dropped for such a condition.