Roland Sands Design
RSD Android app
Published the RSD Android app… it's simply called "Roland Sands Design"! This app has a great photo gallery and is the fastest & best way to to get to the RSD website! As a bonus, if you "long press" on any photo, in the main gallery view, you will see an option that lets you set that photo as your device wallpaper. Click here!
RSD Headlights
Design matched to our Tracker, Chrono and Vintage components our Headlights are subtle, yet with enough design cues to keep it proper. Our beautifully machined forged billet housing and bezel do a fine job of capturing our DOT rated lens and bulb to illuminate any road you wish to travel. 
Hell on Wheels Softail
Hell on wheels is a nod to vintage fighter planes. The satin blue paint and Air Force graphics and stripes take you back while the detailed motor internals and clarity products take you inside what the machine is doing. Just enough vintage leather coupled with a host of black ops products work together in a way you would not at first expect. It's this crazy blend of aged styling, leather tooling, brass, rivets, spring seats, with a new school approach of carbon fiber, Black Ops finishing, upside down forks and radial brakes, that defines much of our bike builds. The fighter fits that bill. Check out the coincidental build off between this bike and the Shaw Speed and Custom Fighter bike here.
If you love airplanes and dirtbikes check out Aircraft. Our friend, Robbie Maddison put together a beautifully shot short film that will get you ready for your weekend. 
Karl Drehsen Racing Painting
Our buddy Karl Drehsen has a new painting for sale. This one just happens to be from this years RSD photoshoot. 16X20" Oil on canvas for the amazing price of $3,500 (can be shipped anywhere). Check out all his work at  Keep up the good work Karl!