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AMA Pro Flat Track Finals
Pomona Finals - One Last Time?
With horse racing coming to an end at the famed Pomona Half-Mile, the fate of flat track racing at this venue is uncertain. Motorcycle racing dates back to 1947 at this historic track. Don't miss this legendary event at one of the greatest venues in flat track racing history!
Customer Bike: Noise Cycles BF6 machine
Scott “T Bone” Jones of Noise Cycles has built another beautiful machine this time based on a late model Twin Cam. His Born Free 6 machine utilizes a Harley 120” motor in a stock dyna chassis surrounded by an incredible amount of detail and hand made parts. T Bone used the Nostalgia cover line to subtly accent the engine. Looks like a blast to ride, sign us up. Read below for a short interview with Scotty “T Bone” Jones of Noise Cycles.
The release of Dana Brown’s On Any Sunday the Next Chapter is quickly approaching and we’re beyond excited to be a part of this new piece of motorcycle history.
RSD Custom Indian "Track Chief"
Perhaps we're old fashioned, but in our minds a proper Indian is a racer. Purpose built competition machines utilizing only the barest of necessities were how the most beautiful bikes we're created. The board trackers, hill climbers and flat track racers of the 20's, 30s and. 40s are stunning. And there lies the challenge.  How to deconstruct a superbly engineered modern day two wheeled car down to only its necessary guts. We've spent time on all three of modern Indians and the full body Chieftain is a supreme choice for those who want to ride from California to NY and pack the kids. It's nimble for an 800lb bike and if you’re looking for a modern full-fendered Chief of yesteryear, this bike is your Huckleberry. Bluetooth, cruise control, USB, navigation, etc. To say the stocker feels like a “metric cruiser” is both a compliment and a concern. But that motor.. Yeah, It's a good looking lump. 
Bike Highlight: JSK Custom Design
We threw a party at the shop a while back and ran into Samuel Kao from Taiwan. He followed his dreams of coming to America and building custom bikes starting with this crazy sportster café racer. A tremendous amount of work went into the machine as you can see. Ducati Single sided swingarm, all hand built bodywork and crazy chassis mods culminate into what looks like a fun rideable bike with an aggressive attitude. Nice work Samuel, were looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. Follow JSK Custom Designs for updates!