Roland Sands Design
We've customized a ninet ourselves using all the upcoming RSD products. View our BMW parts preview page HERE! The bike has undergone a few more changes and we'll be introducing the modified bike at Bmw motorcycle days in Garmisch this weekend. Be sure to check back for the final bike reveal!
Born Free 6
Find our booth at Born Free this weekend. We'll be bringing by the Del Mar, Wanderer, KTM Tracker, Technics, Rolands WR replica and the newly finished Dyna for the Hot Bike Build off. See you there!
Rearsets & Mid-controls
RSD Rearsets & Mid-Controls are now in stock and shipping. The wait is over!

W&W 2013 Check out this cool little piece from Andrea Sileo on Vimeo.

HotBike Build Off Dyna
We had to make sure this bike goes as good as it looks. Whenever we need horsepower, we hit up Eric Bennett at Bennett's Performance in Signal Hill, CA. He told us about the motor package that he's been running in his personal bike and how stoked he is with it. He explained how smooth it runs, that it'll make 120HP & 120 lb./ft. of torque  and how he beats hard on it and it never skips a beat. Solid, reliable horsepower is exactly what we were looking for out of this thing so it can be ridden hard on the daily. We were sold.