Roland Sands Design
Miller High Life
This summer marks the 111th year Miller High Life and Harley-Davidson have worked alongside one another. To celebrate, they have launched limited edition artist series cans by Contino, Hydro74 and Brandon Rike, Strawcastle and yours truley! It's not often when a company like Miller comes knocking on your door to work on a project for their new ad campaign so we are very proud to be a part of this. Which one's your favorite?
We've customized a ninet ourselves using all the upcoming RSD products. View our BMW parts preview page HERE! The bike has undergone a few more changes and we'll be introducing the modified bike at Bmw motorcycle days in Garmisch this weekend. Be sure to check back for the final bike reveal!
Born Free 6
Find our booth at Born Free this weekend. We'll be bringing by the Del Mar, Wanderer, KTM Tracker, Technics, Rolands WR replica and the newly finished Dyna for the Hot Bike Build off. See you there!
Rearsets & Mid-controls
RSD Rearsets & Mid-Controls are now in stock and shipping. The wait is over!

W&W 2013 Check out this cool little piece from Andrea Sileo on Vimeo.