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Not all custom motorcycles are created equal. Neither are the parts on them, which is why we created our own headlights. Yes, the headlight on your Harley Davidson emits light and gets you down the road safe, but what about style? Exactly.. Our RSD headlights are machined from high quality forged aluminum with eclectic style that will set off the front end of your bike and match the rest of the RSD components you’ve installed. They incorporate DOT approved 5-3/4” headlight elements and have a bottom mount to ensure they’ll work on any model Harley. In addition, we have CNC machined billet trim rings and custom mounting brackets for those who prefer to keep the stock headlight assembly. Let us light up your life, trust us- it’ll be worth it!

Nostalgia Headlight

Tracker Headlights

Vintage Headlights

Headlight Bezels

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