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Here’s a few shots of the new owner and her brand new KTM. Lucky girl….and if you ask us, lucky bike too.

Blog 22

 Happiness comes in many forms and today it comes in the color of a beautiful ripe California grown tangerine. What started out as a rough build has been molded into something much more finished featuring 525cc’s of growling KTM fury. This is our next evolution of the Café Moto concept, an ever evolving project that shifts and changes with every bike we do. And yes, we made a real gas tank for this one. All the body work is hand-made aluminum, fabricated here at the RSD compound. FMF did a trick titanium exhaust for us and Chris Wood at Airtrix delivered the Candy Orange Flake paint on the tail, tank and headlight mount. This one is street legal, ultra-light and has just enough horsepower to get you in trouble. Forks and shock have been lowered considerably. We debated back and forth on the front fender then decided to keep it moto with chopped down fork guards. Sub frame has been heavily modified to accept the battery and electronics. She is only missing her license plate which should be on it’s way from the DMV. In the meanwhile we will try our hardest not to get arrested riding it.

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Justin says:
9/26/2010 2:16:00 AM
oh this is epic. Possible answer to a question I asked elsewhere too, though there are various solutions to battery location or replacement I suppose. Love the tank cut outs for air flow over the radiator! Drilled subframe looks SICK! And the match between the tail section and the tank just awesome work bro. Thanks for the inspiration.
Tamas Siklosi says:
11/23/2010 9:47:00 PM
This is my design..a little bit similar…
Phillip says:
2/27/2011 9:48:00 AM
The helmets in the fist photo with the wheels are amazing!! Where can I buy them??
Maggot says:
2/28/2011 12:36:00 PM
??? tank realy CRAZY!!!
rolandadmin says:
3/1/2011 7:58:00 PM
Those are available only from our Los Alamitos CA facility. Drop us an email and we’ll see what we can work out.
3/26/2011 3:03:00 AM
Should get some Alpina TUBELESS SPOKE WHEELS for this puppy!! Like these Splits or these Carbon Matrix Spoke wheels
Sean Griffin says:
3/27/2011 1:11:00 PM
I love watching the build vlogs, Please keep them comming!
martin says:
3/28/2011 2:55:00 AM
I hope this one makes the industry take note. Not only is this bike cool, it’s smart. Singles make sense and motocross styling looks out of place on the street, like a dune buggy in traffic… It’s just right. Great bike. I can give you 2 whole thousand dollars for it right now, and I’ll give you my Yamaha 450 that I bought mostly because of the RSD Super Singles bikes. And you can have this old 3.2 meg cam I have sitting here on the table… and the table. I’m ready to haggle.
Marcus says:
3/31/2011 5:54:00 AM
It turned out wonderful! Maybe you can add a riding video too? Love the paintjob and everything. A inspiring build. Cheers, Marcus PS. Nice surprise with the new owner.
Michael says:
5/8/2011 3:30:00 AM
So unique like most RSD builds. Have any of the parts gone into production?
rolandadmin says:
5/13/2011 4:34:00 PM
Unfortunately there is just not enough demand to go to production on these parts. Strictly custom one-off. Thanks for you interest.
Rossco says:
8/9/2011 2:03:55 AM
can i ask from what end did you cut the forks down - i have a 640 gathering dust and badly need to do this to it - any other tips welcomed. great bike and like you say lucky girl/bike...
the Dude says:
9/7/2011 5:03:40 PM
I'm ashamed nobody said how hot that chick is!
gm says:
10/6/2011 7:56:51 AM
Im with the Dude! I could care less about the bike but she is stunning.
Donnie says:
10/17/2011 3:53:41 PM
How much does a build like this cost if a ktm was shipped to you?
rolandadmin says:
11/4/2011 11:30:36 AM
There are many variables and options that go into a build like this. Please email us at to discuss in detail.
Hannes says:
10/25/2011 5:03:22 PM
Absolute awesome bike, hectic look and must handle great. Can you ship to South Africa? Hot chick!!!
jesusgatos says:
11/5/2011 1:02:23 AM
Best looking tank I've seen on any kind of water-cooled bike like this. Too cool.
david gonzalez says:
11/13/2011 1:34:51 PM
Does this young lady possibly have a name lol! I want to ride her toy.
Lorenzo1050 says:
12/3/2011 2:15:21 PM
Wonderful bike but awesome girl!! Brrrrrr
Robin Bennett says:
1/1/2012 7:28:34 PM
I have a 520 how much for something like this? I also have a 79 Ducati darhma any interest in modifying it? Robin, I
rolandadmin says:
1/12/2012 2:00:43 PM
Please drop an email to to discuss
Avatar says:
2/1/2012 8:28:02 PM
how do you NOT get a picture from the back so we can see all the work done on the tank?
rolandadmin says:
2/6/2012 4:29:27 PM
Take another look at that page. We put a few more pics up.
Jay Hartman says:
2/24/2012 4:19:48 PM
Would love for you to do this to my Monster...
rolandadmin says:
2/27/2012 11:27:02 AM
Send it over!
Tobo says:
3/27/2012 9:33:14 PM
Sweet bike! What music is that?
rolandadmin says:
4/4/2012 1:27:46 PM
Push the Eagle's Stomach by Man Man
S2R-Nick says:
4/5/2012 10:59:22 AM
Oh, look close enough there's a bike too...
Chris Millois says:
5/14/2012 2:46:47 PM
gives me your price!!!!!!! i want one for France. Tx Chris
rolandadmin says:
5/14/2012 5:17:34 PM
Hi Chris. Please send us an e-mail to and we can discuss in detail. Thanks.
Bryan says:
6/23/2012 6:46:33 AM
Did you guys use the stock forks? If so, how did you lower them?
rolandadmin says:
6/28/2012 10:26:33 AM
Yes, we used stock forks and shock. Had them internally lowered by Race Tech Suspension.
Concho says:
6/28/2012 8:03:20 PM
Just curious did you consider adding rearsets to move the foot position farther back?
rolandadmin says:
7/2/2012 11:51:30 AM
We modified some KTM RC8 rearsets to work on our 530 Cafe Custom but, stock pegs were a more comfortable position for this customer.
dcpGATOR says:
9/9/2012 6:44:49 PM
That is one insanely gorgeous bike! Nicely done. Would love to hear a sound clip of that exhaust - would you have that to share?
rolandadmin says:
10/11/2012 4:10:20 PM
Sorry dcpGATOR we were unable to get video or audio on this bike! This was a customer build so we weren't able to take it out like we do with most our bikes.
CustomLover says:
11/15/2012 10:17:49 AM
That is one sweet bike!! And Holy Bejeezuz that is one sweet rider!! Lucky Bike indeed!
Drew says:
11/15/2012 11:44:27 PM
Bike is nice and all... but who's the tastie hot lady?
mike says:
11/26/2012 5:54:45 PM
how much was money did this build cost?
rolandadmin says:
11/27/2012 6:00:06 PM
Please email us at for costing information
Tommy says:
12/16/2013 12:37:49 PM
Those are definitely not the stock rims. EXC's come with 18" rear and 21" front dia. You said a guy brought this in as a supermoto? So are these wheels really 17"s? They look perfect. I ask because in my endless search for the perfect tires, there just... aren't any for 21" wheels.
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