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Black Flat-OutRiser 

Chrome Flat-Out Riser on bike.

Chrome Flat-out Riser 

Rise to the occasion in January of 2009 from all

 Drag Specialties authorized dealers. Get A Grip!

RSD’s 1-Inch Flat-Out Drag Bars work in conjunction with the Flat-out risers perfectly. The name says it all. Built for those with full throttle syndrome. The sleek look of these bars command respect off the line or when it’s lined up at your local pub. These bars haul ass standing still. 

Black 1-Inch Flat-Out Drag Bars

Chrome 1-Inch Flat-Out Drag Bars

Live life a 1/4 mile at a time, Available in January of 2009 from all 
Drag Specialties authorized dealers.

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