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No matter how bad it is Never Surrender.

This is goin to hurt.

Stop, Drop, and Roll.

A bad Day at the Office

Daytona AMA National, 1999, a year after I’d won the AMA 250 GP National title. In the 250 class I had the entire field covered by over a second. I was also riding the 600 for the first time and was in the top 10 in qualifying. I got a little aggressive on the throttle and tossed my shit down the road in the 250 heat race. As you can see from the pics I rang my bell pretty good, but 30 Minutes later I was on the 600 and was running 6th in my first AMA 600 SuperSport race. Two laps later I crashed the 600 and tried to rip my hand off of my arm. The next day I watched the 200 from the pit lane with a soft cast hopped up on Vicodin and beer with a broken wrist. OUCH. 

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