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RSD Black Anodized Rockerbox

On bike RSD Black Anodized Rockerbox

Rockerbox Cover replaces your stock cast valve covers with these billet machined covers. CNC-machined from a billet forging.

5 Hole

 3 Hole

Derby Cover engineered to flow seamlessly with our other covers the Derby cover is a statement of supreme style and flawless function.

2 Hole
5 Hole

Ignition Cover you can’t go to the show with stock gear. This cover is icing on the cake and a must have piece when retaining your stock timing cover.

Inspection Cover Designed to replace the chain tension inspection cover on your stock primary.  

On Bike Cover Collection.

Timing Cover  direct replacement for your OEM Timing/Cam cover. The dramatic ridges, recessed pockets, and laser engraved RSD logo aesthetically give a dramatic change to your HD twin cam motor. Beauty is in the details. All parts Available from authorized Drag Specialites dealers.

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