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We’ve Been working hard on some great projects with our friends at Bell. We introduced our first replica Bell helmet, the “C-note” at the beginning of the year and its been a smash hit. We’ve got another new lid coming out as well… you will see this one soon. In the meanwhile, enjoy these pics of Drake McElroy and myself ripping it up at a top secret location in Long Beach, CA. This was a super fun photo shoot and nobody crashed… oops almost nobody. Drake Dropped his Ducati right in front of me in perfect style, but picked it up and kept riding so it was all good. Look for upcoming Bell ads featuring the RSD crew and the Smoking Seagulls.


We Fly

RS Blasting

Drake crosses it up

Legs by God

Helmet and Jacket art by Roland

We Race!

Drake leads RS

Roland sliding his CR

Knee Down

Nice Wheelie!

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