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Life is funny at times.

Sometimes we try and communicate but we feel like no one can hear us. Today I took a step back to note of some of the individual voices that reside around RSD.

Jeff will talk and babble all day and you swear nothing good came out of his mouth. He looks off into space at a 60 degree angle and you wonder which aliens he is trying to communicate with. Well today I finally got it. Here is an example of the voice in which Jeff speaks eloquently and to the point. I believe this might be his signature.

Chris often will talk motorcycles until it makes you want to puke. I sit and nod like I’m interested and wait for the verbal motorcycle beating to be over. In pain I walk away an think of the good old days when motorcycles didn’t engulf my life they merely were a vehicle to escape on. While thinking of Chris and his conversation he brought over to me a piece he just pulled out of his machine. I now can step back and enjoy Chris’s voice.

Take time to look around and enjoy the voices around you, you might just hear something nice.

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