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“Not content just creating radicals parts and doo-dads for custom V-twins and sportbikes, the evil geniuses over atRoland Sands Design are cooking up some new POP displays to help dealers showcase the merchandise. Additionally, the company has also come up with new packaging for the products that helps create a unified look that can more easily be merchandised within the dealership.

For dealers interested in the new displays but don’t want to break the bank, RSD is working on a sales program for ordering the POP, says Cameron Brewer, the company’s product coordination specialist. Brewer was manning the RSD booth during the Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties Reno Showcase in early November.

The displays are designed to hold several RSD products, including a new lineup of casual apparel the company is launching. Interchangeable panels depicting RSD’s latest ad campaign are inserted on all sides of the display.

Brewer says the company is working to make it easier for dealers to merchandise and sell the RSD line, an approach that also has the custom parts manufacturer retooling many of its popular products to lower their MSRP. “We’re starting to look for more pricepoint items,” he says.

With reaching customers becoming more of a challenge, RSD has pumped up its social network marketing efforts with a blog, a Facebook site and what it’s calling the “Blog-It” program. Enclosed in each RSD product package is a postcard that let’s customers know if they take a picture or shoot video of their RSD-adorned machine, post it to any of the popular social networking websites and send a link of the site to RSD, the company will send them a limited edition T-shirt.

Once a month, the company will pick the best pic or video and feature it on the official Roland Sands Design blog (RSD Blog). The RSD crew will also award a $100 gift certificate to one of the first five customers to get 10,000 hits on their video.”

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