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2010 Product Highlight

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When RSD set out to create an air cleaner, we wanted to make something that improved performance as well as the look of a bike. We ended up revolutionizing what an air cleaner can be in both function and aesthetics. The Venturi Air Cleaner features the best in filtration and flow from industry leader K&N. It is a proven high performance bolt-on part that drastically improves the looks of your machine. Our revolutionary backing plate promotes smooth air flow into the carb/throttle body while also providing hidden internal crank case breathers and our new tight seal oil separator insures a clean, leak free ride. Manufactured from Billet Aluminum in the USA, the Venturi is a jewel for the side of your bike.

Seven Distinct Exposed Filter Designs
Faceplates Designed To Match RSD Wheels
Available in Multiple Finishes
Built-In Crank Case Breathers
High-Volume K&N Air Filter Included
CNC-Machined From Billet Aluminium
RSD Engraved Logo
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Screen
Easy Bolt-On Installation
Chrome Hardware Included
*Not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles
*Slotted breather bolts and Oil Tubes are included with all RSD aircleaners
*All air cleaners can be used on Mikuni carbs with use of adapter – part number HS42/001-K (sold separately)

For those of you who do a ton of miles in the rain we recommend our new RSD Venturi Rain Sock. While not a necessity for riding in the rain with our Air cleaner it can help reduce filter saturation in a heavy down pour.

Keeps Water From Entering Your Venturi Air Cleaner
Durable Polyester Pre-Filter is Factory Treated Using a Proprietary Hydrophobic Process to Make Material Water Repellent
Uniform Micron Openings Filter Out
Debris .005” or Larger
Dyno & Flow-Bench Proven to Maintain Current Performance
Compatible with all Venturi Air Cleaners

If you already own an RSD Venturi air cleaner and notice any oil dripping from the bottom of the filter element, this FREE kit cleans up the pesky problem. We have found that some engines make excessive crankcase pressure causing them to spew a bit more oil than others up through the breathers. We don’t ever like to see anybody with oil dripping onto their bike so we addressed this problem as soon as we noticed it. This retrofit kit consists of slotted-head breather bolts and injection molded rubber tubes that fit securely into the backing plate of your existing air cleaner. These parts help to route any oil, coming out of your breathers, right back into your engine without spilling a drop.

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