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If you haven’t heard, RSD partnered with Toyota and Upper Playground for last year’s IMS tour. As part of that, we’ve gathered some of the best artists in the world and put them in an airplane hanger at the Long Beach Airport over the week. They were busy preparing and painting huge gallery walls, which were on display at the IMS shows across the nation. Each artist’s piece will tell a unique story of an RSD bike, Toyota truck, or Bell Helmet. It is a really cool concept combining motors (trucks and Motorcycles) with Art work and has been a show-stopper. Check out this unique blend of motors, art and vision. Below is a list of the featured artists as well as a video from Socalactionsports.

Roland dealing with the Man

The builder, beauty, and the beast

Jona Cerwinske

Roland Sands and the Smokin’ Seagulls crew (friends of RSD)

We want to extend a round of thanks to everyone that participated in this endeavor! You all know who you are and how inspiring your contributions are to the success of this show and our collaborations. We all had a hand in something that transcended genres of art, mechanics, function, and life. Thanks again for everything everyone of you are an Architect of Inspiration!

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