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Toyota Motor Sales USA, Roland Sands Design and Upper Playground Partner to “Mash Up” Art and Vehicles to Create a Mobile Art Gallery.

Oct. 31-Nov. 2 Phoenix, AZ Unlike anything the has been seen to date, Toyota, Roland Sands Design (RSD) and Upper Playground (UP) partnered to bring artistic collaboration to this year’s show floor. Commissioning world renowned artists and letting them loose to reinterpret numerous vehicles, helmets and motorcycle lore, in their own unique style and medium, the gallery appeals to multiple different cultures of motorcyclist, art followers and new riders alike. Taking a cue from the name, the Architects of Inspiration tour displays the original piece of artwork alongside the item or vehicle that inspired it.

“The aim was to curate a multi-artist gallery integrated into IMS that will be an eclectic mash up of New Wave, urban, and contemporary fine art, with documentary video telling the whole story,” says Roland Sands, President of motorcycle design firm Roland Sands Design, Inc. “Toyota stepped up and provided the resources to bring these artists together, and also the means to transport it across the country. The result is off the hook.”

Artist and inspirations that will be featured in the installation are as follows:


Tom Clark the master Pinstriper; AKA The Undertaker.

Artist Rodney Aguiar added the “NOTHING” Machine.

Show visitors will also provide an inspired piece of their own on a full wall of untouched canvas that will be hung for those so inclined to do up a piece of their own.

Sam Flores goes racing with a Toyota Tundra complete with 450 SuperSingle in tow.

Take a load off while taking in some great art.

Our Toyota Specialists can answer any questions you may have about our Toyota Trucks.

Mister Cartoon and Estevan Oriol coupled with an RSD Vintage Bike owned by Mister Cartoon himself.

N8 Van Dyke’s “Munkee” creates the iconic RSD Glory Stomper.

RSD and the Smokin’ Seagulls Created this piece along with the three dirt bikes converted to modern café racers
Saber brings to life the Ducati commissioned, RSD HyperMotard

Karl Drehsen and his Interpretation of The shop that started it all “PM circa 1973″

Artist Jeff Decker and his bronze Hill climber Statue capture the essence of classic riding.
Jona Cerwinske and insane Sharpie drawn Bell Helmets

AOI Models Chowwwwwwwwwwww!

The IMS (International Motorcycle Shows) just finished in Phoenix, AZ. One down twelve to go. The Architects of Inspiration aka, Toyota, RSD, and Upper Playground were definitely inspiring the crowd with their booth and the interactive elements that made the crowd as much a part of the display as Toyota’s Trucks, RSD’s Bikes and Upper Playgrounds artist’s works of art. The general consensus of the crowd was amazement. ” It looks more like an art show that captured the essence of the motorcycle lifestyle; those being freedom, rebellion, appreciation of the past, while building on top of it , and just plain old fun. Says, ” Lauren Brewer Show attendee. We hope you all have a chance to take in one of the thirteen shows and enjoy it as much as we enjoy showing it to you. For more information on Architects of Inspiration, artist bios, behind the scenes video and the chance to win select prizes, log onto

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