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Email of the Month
"I recently installed one of your bad ass filters on my Fatboy... along with a PC and new pipes. This thing f'n Rocks now. I'm getting people yelling out their windows in traffic about how cool that round thing is on the side of my harley. Yea some of em' thumb their nose at the noise, but the smart ones just get the f outta the way. Anyway, my point is I tried to order a rain sock from your website. Yea, I don't like them either... but the weather here in Mi lately blows. We're getting dumped on daily. Rain drops the size of basketballs. And so this bitch is gonna get wet. I refuse to let it be a garage whore. So, a day later I get a response about my order. It was a link directing me to J&P. Now, I've ordered from them before. Pretty good service. But this time I get a response back from them after 2 days with a shipping update. All the items EXCEPT the rain sock are included. I had to ask about the rain sock and they tell me "it's on backorder from their vendor"...FOR ATLEAST 2 WEEKS! Yea, I know. I was a little torqued that I had to ask too. Like I said, I'm riddin' this bitch. Rain or shine. How many down pours can this filter take before I wreck my motor? How pissed would the boss be if you threw one of those rain socks in the mail for me? I'm not gonna be happy about having to wrap a garbage bag around it during one of our daily monsoons. I can do paypal. Money order...check... hell, I'm so f'n crazy I'd send cash through the mail. Let me know what you can do. I know I know, your hands are prolly tied. But there's got to be a quicker way to get one of those little condoms. Cool piece of jewelry for my ride, thanks. Best regards" Tim C
That's how you write an email! Your Rain Sock is on its way Tim. Thanks for being patient.

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