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RSD Interview: Ben Younger
Ben Younger, writer, philosopher, director and motorcycle racer is embarking on an F1 film project. We’re excited to see what he does with his newest venture and even though it gets in the way of his Isle of Man project we wish him the best.
So Ben, what does it feel like to drag your knee at 140mph?
Beyond the obvious exhilaration there's a sense of doing something very difficult very well. Something that very few people can do. It's not like sky-diving where any squid can get in on it. There's no app for this shit. It's an earned skill set. I like that.

Does the thought of what you are doing scare you more before the race, after the race or during the race?

15 minutes before. Too much time to think. Never a good thing.

What's up with this rumored F1 project you are working on? Who will be the focus and is it a modern day piece?
 It is happening. It is a modern day piece. It will be technically proficient. Can't say much more than that right now.
Zippers or Velcro?

Zippers. I feel strongly enough about this one I want to express brand loyalty -

Leather or plastic knee sliders?

I want to say leather but truth is I've never tried em. Send me some, Roland. It's not like I'm getting paid for this.

Coffee or Tea?


Slicks or DOT's?

Slicks. N-Tecs. Word.

Road Race Bike? Street Bike? Vintage Bike?

Road Race

If you had to choose between motorcycles and sex which would you choose and why? Yes you could still get blow jobs.

Look-it, I love bikes. I'm into the whole lifestyle. Racing is a huge part of who I am. That being said, are you retarded?

If you had to choose to be a teenager in the 50's, 60', the 70's or now, when would you choose and why?

Now. If I could get on a Gixxer 750 (my current steed) tomorrow as a thirteen year old boy I'd be working toward my MotoGP debut in 2015. Hell, I'd give up the sex if you could make that one happen.

If you could pick one artist to play at your birthday party who would it be alive or dead?


If you could have a beer with a politician who would it be alive or dead?

Alexander Hamilton. Look up Federalist Papers. True genius.

If you could experience what one of these riders felt on their best day who would it be and why?
Kenny Roberts or Valentino Rossi?

Kenny because he was a pioneer. He was doing things no one had ever done - spinning the rear, sliding his knee. Rossi just won a bunch, oh, and he throws his leg out under braking. I'm underwhelmed.

Joey Dunlop or John McGuiness?

Joey. Because he's my favorite motor-sports figure of all time. Period. I'm sure John will understand.

Bob Hanna or Ricky Carmichael?

Toss-up. I'll send them both Facebook invites and see who responds. I'm guessing neither.

What's the worst injury you've had on a motorcycle?

Pocono Raceway. 2001. Low-sided coming off the banking and hit a concrete wall. Broken ribs, chipped pelvis, punctured lung, collapsed knee. Big hurt.
What's the worst injury you've had working on a motorcycle?

Well, it was definitely inflicted on my ego. It's also a recurring injury. Sometimes I just do the dumbest things when there's tools in my hand.

You have been rumored to of dated a few hotties. Is there any truth to the Brittany Spears, K-Fed threesome a while back?

Wow, really dating yourself there, Roland. It was actually Golda Meir and Joni Mitchell.
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