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RSD Interview: Thor Drake
Thor Drake our favorite shop teacher and owner of  See See Motor coffee shop answers a few silly questions. 
Name, age, occupation?
Thor (secret h) said Tor, Drake like Drake Mcelroy my hero. 31 aint no fun. Im not sure what my occupation actually is.... i run a shop, put on events, build stuff, race stuff...sometimes i even clean the toilets in our coffee shop. my occupation is to not be pigieon holed. i don't know if that makes any sense? ill do anything, basically, if it needs to be done.
Actual mental age?
i look like a shop teacher from 1973. but i still party.
You just opened up a new shop, tell us about it.
Yeah, its a dream come true. Awesome coffee shop and cafe' serving the best food, booze and coffee money can buy paired with a motorcycle shop selling the best motorcycle stuff i can get a hold of. We feature a line you would love. Its called RSD. they have amazing classically styled riding gear. Oh yeah, and the whole back end of the building is shop space to build custom bikes. i hang out in the build shop most of the time.
RSD Interview: Thor Drake

Portland is an interesting place, why do you live there?
I think portlandia hit the nail on the head when they said "its where young people go to retire" but actually its just a nice place that values the quality of life and beverages. I guess it just feels right...
The One show is a great event, are you planning on continuing it?
The One Show was my rebellious project i started when i was interning at Wieden&Kennedy. Its a love/hate relationship, i think i tried to make an event that i would want to attend but i have to be the cops when stuff gets a bit to rowdy. People have a lot of great things to say about it so i think ill keep it going until people dont like it anymore. My goal is 10 years. a decade seems like a piece of history and that would be a cool thing to own up to if i ever become an old man.
What was your first bike and how did you acquire it?
1981 Honda Z50 when i was 14. im looking at it right now... in fact we are putting on a mini bike race next week and its going to be my racer. I got it for a buck a cc from a rich friend because he couldnt figure out how to get the chain back on.
Motorcycles, why?
man, it was the one thing my parents kept me away from... But really it was bound to happen sooner or later, i like to go fast
RSD Interview: Thor Drake
Two or four strokes?
I like both, in fact if it has a motor im pretty much into it. i lean towards single 4-strokes because they are super fun to ride but i have just as many 2-strokes. im working on a v-twin 3 stroke, one side is a 2-stroke one side is a 4. would that work? maybe it would be a 5 stroke???
Kick or push button?
Kick for sure, but ill use a button if the bike has it.
Steel shoe or knee slider?
yes, i love racing.
Who is your favorite all time bike hero?
Thats a toughie, i think Malcom smith is a pretty amazing all around guy.
If God said< “Thor, choose a bike to own forever, it will always work perfectly and you never have to fill it with gas, but you can never sell it.”, what would that bike be?
I think i have it??? i never heard him say it, but i think it was decided... sr500 hands down.
RSD Interview: Thor Drake
Adam and Eve, Intelligent Design, Big Bang Theory, Evolution?
HAHA... i guess i could take little bits from each one, but the one that stands out the most is evolution. natural selection-n-all.
Beer or Coffee?
What time of day? im not a day drinker and i wont drink coffee after 5. both awaken the "god of blunder"
What’s the fastest you have been on a bike?
ill bet its actually slower but i had a cbr 929 that Drake Mcelroys dad sold me that was really fast. no speedo but ill bet i had it upwards of 180mph?
What’s the fastest you would like to go?
180mph seemed pretty fun. Things actually feel like they are slowing down when you go faster. Ill go as fast as i can until i get scared but i dont know that point yet?
Worst crash?
OOOH, There was this one time in the desert riding by myself but all i remember was a pack of wild pigs and a big ass jump. who knows, that was the year i knocked myself out 3 times maybe 4.
RSD Interview: Thor Drake
Words to live by?
If you are going to do something, DO IT "VERY" SOMETHING. and hopefully that "THING" makes you happy.
Do you still own all your fingers and toes? 
Pretty much, but im in the market for a few extra if you decide to make em? Haha, thanks Roland.

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