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Technics Sporty
It was an honor to work with Panasonic and the iconic Technics brand as inspiration for our 883 Iron Project. For the Technics inspired build we took cues from the DH1-1200 Headphones as well as the classic SL-1200MK2 Professional turntables. We tried to keep the details subtle enough to stand alone as well designed elements while not being too obviously related to the Technics DJ equipment. The most obvious connection to the Technics product are the wheels which went through several design iterations. We were happy to reach a well-proportioned mix of “theme” and design with this project. The remaining inspiration was drawn from the classic silver and black, satin and gloss finishes that have been a part of the Technics brand and style. The true link between the bike and the turntables came alive the first time we rotated the wheels. It was very cool to see the dots on the wheels shift direction as the wheels spun. Check out the short film below on the bike produced by our friends at Sweatpants Media and RSD and check out the amazing Technics Headphones. 
Technics Sporty
We took the sporty out to San Pedro for our 2013 apparel photo shoot and got some nice detail shots of the bike. 
Technics Sporty
When sound and technology come together you get Technics. If you’re an audiophile, DJ or lover of Hip Hop you’re probably up to date on the Technics  brand and the famous 1200 turntables. The extensive line of Technics audio equipment might be gone, but Panasonic has brought back a high end line of Technics head phones for DJ’s and lovers of high definition sound. To show off the dynamic range of the new headphones RSD has joined forces with Technics and our buddy Andy Bell’s production company SweatPants Media to bring you a musical journey though the sights and more importantly the sounds of a Technics bike build. Here’s a sneak peak at the bike concept and our current progress. 

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