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Customer Bike: Lee Oakley
We get a lot of emails from customers showing off their bikes. We love every one of them but there are a few that just really stick out...this is one of them. Built by Lee Oakley at Oakley Engineering with Darryl Farnon from Farnon Fabrications. The bike started out as an 04 Softail Duece and transformed into this custom beauty.
Customer Bike: Lee Oakley
Here's a quick Q&A from us to Lee.
What were you trying to accomplish with this build?
 Wanted a cool looking bike modified from a softail 2004 duece with my own style.
What’s the most popular bike you guys have customized and why do you think it’s so popular?
Darryl has modified standard softails, sporties and V rods ( anything harley ).Lots of people like the V rod as they can have body bolt on kits maybe.
Where do you see your business headed?
 Darryl and I would like to design and build cool, sleek looking bikes to a wider market both here in Australia and USA/ Europe.
What about the future, are stock customs the way forward or do you see other avenues?
 I think customs rule period in that any one who loves bikes wants to ride a piece of their own style that reflects them of who they are and who they want to be!
Wheelies or Burnouts?
I got a TL1000 so thats for wheelies and the 117 hybrid for a burn out here and there ( maybe)
Beer, wine or whiskey?
Corona and good Australian red cab sav
Do you still have all your fingers and toes? Any other injuries we should know about?
Yes but dropped a dumbbell on my toes a year ago and broke em if that counts LOL. Three ACL recons from my BMX freestyle days in the 1990`s!
What’s your next project?
Maybe customise the suzuki TL1000 S - its a screamer of a bike 1998 model.
Customer Bike: Lee Oakley
Parts list:
Tank is Parker from England. Gear box Baker 6 speed. Motor is a custom 117 twin cam B with balancers harley case (smooth), R&R heads, Axell cylinders from Randy at HYPERFORMANCE USA. Pipes are from BSL from Klaus in Austria. Forks are GSXR 2007 front inverted. Headlight is a modified ebay special and fitted turn signals. Bars are LSL raised 1" up. Fronts brakes are GSXR with road lock on right side. Rear brakes is Trans brake and disk. Chain is DID. Kick stand is EFAB from lock Baker - Stainless/leaf spring style - welded using ER309 ( mild steel to 304 stainless steel). Speedo-Dakota Digital and custom mount. Levers and switches are PM. Primo bdl belt drive. Tire`s are Avon 300x 18 rear, 21 front. Rizoma mirrors. Front brake disks are custom made in Australia. Front guard is carbon fiber ( mounts all custom fabricated by Darryl). Air Brushing is by Brass Knuckle Kustoms, Sydney.
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