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Shaw Speed & Custom: Drey Softail
Shaw Speed & Custom is the UK's number one and Europe's leading customizer of Modified Harley-Davidsons has built yet another Harley-Davidson Softail with their recognizable detail. They do it yet again working with the parts from both us and Performance Machine. 
The bike named "Drey" was inspired originally by the Porsche 918 prototype. Shaw's custom shop based in Southern UK worked closely with the customer and being a distance relationship it was at the upmost importance that it was understood what the customers expectations were. Eventually the brief became clear with the clients passions of cars, watches, fashion and vintage (to name a few) that the team needed to build a platform that mirrored these areas. The bike needed to fit with his lifestyle, a bike that was all about him and his personality. 

The fresh silver of the Porsche 918 with green detailing such as badges and brake calipers were the first inspiring influences on the bike from the car. The Performance Machine upgraded calipers were stripped and sent off for anodizing along with the open primary clutch plate and the silver paint on the frame, fork triple, tree and swing arm that had been replaced with the Performance Machine Phatail kit.
Shaw Speed & Custom: Drey Softail
RSD Contrast Cut Boss wheels were used on the project with a 21 inch front and 18 inch rear with a 240mm width. The Boss theme ran along with the belt sprocket. and brake rotors. The Boss wheels again mirrored the look from the 918. Our rear fender was also used with the project and the Vintage Gas tank that was fabricated in house by the Speed & Custom team and top fabricator Dave Rollison. The side scoops and side vents again were taken from the rear end of the Sports car. The handlebars were fitted with the full Performance Machine package with master cylinder and switchgear. The addition of a small digital speedo helped to give the super clean look. 

The headlight again added with the German influences and was fitted from a Harley-Davidson VROD, giving the Softail an original look. The forks were stripped with the inner legs nitraded and lower legs painted in the pearl silver.
The engine upgraded to 1690cc from the original 1584cc. The Clarity line contrast cut engine covers flowed well with the wheels and allows a visual at the moving engine components. This gave the customer that watch influence that he was looking for.

Vance and Hines Competition pipes in black and a Performance Machine Air breather with Screamin Eagle Race Fueller gave the bike the extra Horses and the sound to add to the look.  Shaw used our seat and seat pan giving comfort to the cruiser as well. The seat was tailored in black leather with the customers lucky number "7".
Steve Willis (the Team Principal of Shaw Speed & Custom) said- "We always strive to give the customer what he or she wants... if not more. With this project it was essential we understood the clients passions and worked these areas in with the build. The Porsche details were excellent as we wanted to mirror the beauty of the four wheels into the two and silver is always a pleasure to use as it gives such a fresh yet classic look to a custom. With the Porsche inspiration we did not want to be pretending that the bike was from that brand but detail it in a way that anyone who was in the know might recognize it (the font used on the oil tank or the fabrication on the tank). We by no means wanted to do an American Chopper on the bike"

The bike is now adding to the 78 other bikes on the Shaw Speed & Custom bikes website and the Speed Shop looks well set for the winter with over 20 projects booked in from around Europe and the Globe. Great job Shaw!

The Technical Spec is as follows 

Motorcycle Harley-Davidson Softail Blackline 
Engine Capacity 1690cc
Transmission 6 speed factory 
Wheels RSD Boss Contrast Cut 
Front 21 inch 
Rear 18 240mm
Rear Sprocket Boss Contrast Cut 
Brake Rotors Boss Contrast Cut 
Rear Fender RSD 
Gas Tank RSD fabricated in house "Shaw Speed & Custom"
Side plate licence plate "Shaw Speed & Custom"
Oil tank extended "Shaw Speed & Custom"
Open Primary Performance Machine 
Calipers Performance Machine 
Brake lines Goodridge
Oil lines Goodridge 
Forward Controls Performance Machine
Rear Swingarm Performance Machine Phatail kit 
Engine Rocker covers Roland Sands Design contrast cut clarity 
Transmission cover top Roland Sands Design contrast cut 
Transmission cover side Roland Sands Design 
Seat and seat pan Roland Sands Design
Headlight Harley-Davidson VROD 
Exhaust System Vance & Hines Competition pipe
Fueller Screamin Eagle 
Air Breather Performance Machine 
Mirror Performance Machine  
Gas cap Roland Sands Design 
Handgrips Roland Sands Design 
Speedo Moto gadget 
Rear indicators relocated to swingarm LED 
Custom paint by Image Design Custom
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