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Bike Highlight: Rough Crafts Graphite Speedster
Winston from Rough Crafts is at it again. This time with a full frame up build and Dyna motor. This build is impressive as there’s not much of left of the stock bike. Nothing really outside of the cases and motor internals are left. It’s a big commitment to put so much time and effort into one machine. Nice work Winston.
Builder: Winston Yeh from Taipei, Taiwan
Owner of Rough Crafts and can be contacted at
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Bike Highlight: Rough Crafts Graphite Speedster
This bike was their first attempt for freestyle class at AMD World Championship of Custom Bike building....and they took home 4th! Not too shabby. Great wheel selection too ;). 18/16" Diesel Black-Ops
Year / Model: 2014

Engine Make / Size: HD/Rough Crafts dual front head 1584cc

Wheels F: RSD Diesel 3.50x18"
Wheels R: RSD Diesel 5.00x16"
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