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When Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers calls and says he wants a bike built, you got to wonder where it’s going. When he tells you he writes all his songs on his bike while he’s listening to the tracks on the sound system you start to get the picture.
We stripped this one down to the frame as it spent most of its life on the Malibu Coast. Our friends at Bennett’s Performance rebuilt the gloss black motor from the ground up using S&S parts and we slathered it in RSD Black Ops Clarity engine covers. Anthony wanted it blacked out. So the Black Ops theme was carried throughout. Radial mount forks, PM brakes, Progressive Suspension reservoir shocks and our Machine Ops Raid Wheels wrapped in sticky Dunlops keeps things rolling. Sound system upgraded by Kicker Audio. RSD Slant Slip-On Mufflers and Blunt intake keep the gasses rapidly moving. Pro Step bars with new Radial master cylinders are aggressive and comfortable.
Hopefully the bike keeps Anthony inspired to continue entertaining us with more blood, sugar, sex, magik and whatever else he’s got cooking. 

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