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Wheels are perhaps the largest aesthetic change you can make to your bike besides paint and bodywork. The size and width of the wheels coupled with your tire choice can drastically alter your bikes stance, changing the performance and looks. when we build a bike we often start with the wheel and tire choice as it sets the stage for the entire machine. We understand how vital your wheel choices are and are proud to offer wheels, discs and pulley's manufactured by Performance Machine with over 40 years of experience in wheel manufacturing. We concentrate on building lightweight wheels that also deliver a variety of visual choices in many finishes for the ultimate rolling package.
Being BMX racers and fans, who could forget the Kimtab. Originally sold by Roland’s dad in the 80’s for motorcycles, it was fitting to bring the Kimtab to the future and make it out of high quality forged billet aluminum with signature RSD detailing.
The Hutch relives those glory days without the swap meet searches and the questionable safety of vintage cast wheels.
Designed with weight savings in mind for a light, reliable and high quality wheel with enough funk to turn out any race chopper.
The Venturi Air Cleaner features the best in filtration and flow from industry leader K&N. It is a proven high performance bolt-on part that drastically improves the looks and performance of your machine. Our revolutionary backing plate promotes smooth air flow into the carb/throttle body while also providing hidden internal crank case breathers and our new tight seal oil separator insures a clean, leak free ride. Manufactured from Billet Aluminum in the USA, the Venturi is a jewel for the side of your bike. 
For a look into our entire 2015 product line, check out the video above!!

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