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Roland built this bike for his wife. So you could say this is an RSD version of a girl's bike. Based on a solid mounted motor 2000 Sportster, the Zarape's a people pleaser. New Bolero slim seat has kept the seat height as low as possible. We've used our new Mega Riser and narrow ProStep bars to keep things skinny up front while providing a comfortable, aggressive and easy to ride body position.
Preload fork adjusters allow for tunable fork adjustment along with upper fork tube covers and boots that black out the entire front end. Black Ops Morris wheels wrapped in sticky Dunlops drop major rotating mass, greatly improving handling and rideability. New RSD calipers, front and back, and prototype Lyndall blacked out Morris discs drastically improve stopping power.
Slant exhaust and Blunt intake rapidly pull air and exhaust through the system increasing stock HP. Regulator adjustable levers, grips and pegs offer a subtle and comfortable connection to the bike and controls. Road trip or bar stop, the Zarape is ready to go.

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