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A machine with many faces. The versatile and unique R NINE T continues to be a machine ripe for the custom treatment. This NineT found its spirit animal among the wolves of vintage superbike fame. As any superbike worth its salt, we began with the suspension by dialing in Ohlins forks and shocks both front and rear. This ensured the machines legs would not become an issue under heavy thrashing. Plus they're gold and everybody knows gold means fast.  We stripped some unnecessary items and utilized nearly every RSD option we could muster.  The RSD valve covers and breast plate being the big visual impacts that dress up the motor.  We relocated the oil cooler behind a hand fabricated aluminum front number plate to show off the breast plate. Vertical positioning of the front plate was certainly born in the race pits of Laguna Seca.  Mesh screen hides the cooler from the front view. 
Polished gas tank is a stock unit that has been carefully massaged along with the number plate to reflect the checkered flag as you scream by in victory.  Offsetting the polished aluminum is a host of gloss black powder coated parts that turn up the badasseness of the machine.
RSD radial masters and gauge bezel helped to clean up the riders perspective and increase breaking power and feel for maximum braking into turn one. Be careful not to detach your retinas.

Seat is a traction step up, fit for solo charging or two up cruising. Grippy traction material keeps your lower region planted while you're hanging it out. 
Exhaust is hand a fabricated stainless dual slant carbon.   It sounds bad ass while supplying sufficient exit velocity for your processed fossil fuel of choice. 

Full RSD frame plug kit rounds out the rad parts. 

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