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Austin, TX is definitely the place to be April 8th-10th. With the The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show, MotoGP & AMA Pro Flat Track 1/2 mile racing already going down, RSD and Indian Motorcycles, in collaboration with Revival Cycles and the Handbuilt Show, decided to up the ante even more and throw in a dirt oval short track race at the Handbuilt Show Friday! The April 8th race features four classes including: Super Hooligan (stock-framed street bikes over 750cc), GNC Pro Twins with a $5k purse (presented by Indian Motorcycle) & Dash for Cash (presented by K&N), Air-cooled Vintage and Costume Run What Cha Brung. Classes are open to anybody that wants to enter, except Pro Twins class which is reserved strictly for professional racers

Full schedule listed below and online pre-entry will be open until 5PM PST, Wednesday 4/6/16. Post entry also available at the races. Pre-register online by clicking “Register Here” button below. 

Race Classes

Costume Run What Cha Brung

Air-cooled Vintage

GNC Pro Twins (Professional Racers Only- 5K Purse with a K&N Sponsored Dash for Cash)

Super Hooligan (Friday’s Super Hooligan qualifies for AMA GNC at COTA on Saturday, April 9th)


Schedule - Friday, April 8th

2:00pm      Load In/Registration

4:00pm      Riders Meeting

5:00pm      Practice

6:00pm      Heats

                  Costume Run What Cha Brung (10 Laps)
                  Air-cooled Vintage (10 Laps) 
                  GNC Pro Twins (10 laps)
                  Super Hooligan (10 laps)


7:00pm      Mains
                  Costume Run What Cha Brung (15 Laps)
                  Air-cooled Vintage (15 Laps)
                  GNC Pro Twins (20 laps)
                  Super Hooligan (15 laps)


8:00pm      Finish

MOTORCYCLE NERDS UNITE!! April 8-10, 2016. Downtown Eastside, Austin, Texas. Moto GP weekend. Inclusive vs. Exclusive. 

As our collective existence slips further into digital abstraction, we at the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show believe something has been lost and it is time to revive the culture of physical craftsmanship. Although in today's modern mass-produced world few young people are taught hot to do physical work or are encouraged to embrace a trade, there remains a universal attraction to the beauty that can only be formed by human hands. The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show is an inspiring showcase of works from builders and craftsmen that combine knowledge, skill, and ingenuity to create one-of-a-kind truly hand-built machines.


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