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Roland Sands Design is proud to bring America the thrills and spills of Street Bike Flat Track Racing, with the 2017 Super Hooligan Championship Series. We’ve selected the best events in the country to be part of the series, which aims to establish the frightening, yet rewarding craft of piloting street bikes at break-neck speeds around dirt tracks. The riders are the stars and comprised of a unique and diverse background of every type of racer, from Pro Flat Trackers and Road Racers to retired washed up Champions, as well as everyday Joes and Stunt and Motocross riders. It’s a no-holds-barred battle to the stripe on 500 lbs. of fury. With races across the country ranging from specialty bike shows and concerts to pro American Flat Track events and beach-side racing, the diversity promises a unique experience at each event. Watch Out America… this is Super Hooligan!

Indian Motorcycle has ponied up with a FTR 750 Factory Indian Scout professional flat track race bike as the championship prize. Dunlop Tires, Motul Oils, K&N Filters and Bell Helmets are also involved in a big way, bringing fat contingency checks to the competitors, rewarding heroic rides and top finishers.

Contingencies & Prizes
Contingency payouts will be paid by check following each race, upon receipt of final results provided by race organizer.
Indian Motorcycles
•   One Factory Indian FTR750 professional GNC flat track race bike will be awarded to the Super Hooligan Series Champion at final round. *Winner must be present at final round.
•   $1,000 Winner-Takes-All bonus to winner of Super Hooligan Main Event. *Valid only at Indian Motorcycle title-sponsored events.
Dunlop Tires
•   $250 (first) / $150 (second) / $100 (third) payouts for Super Hooligan Main Event.
•   $1,000 Winner-Takes-All Super Hooligan Dunlop Dash for Cash event. 
Bell Helmets
•   $250 (first) / $150 (second) / $75 (third) payouts per Super Hooligan Main Event.
•   $2,500 bonus to be awarded to Super Hooligan Series Champion at final round.
•   Custom painted helmet trophy for Super Hooligan winner at each round.
K&N Engineering
•   $300 Winner-Takes-All Holeshot Award for Super Hooligan Main Event.
•   $300 Cleanest Hooligan race bike at each race. TBD by SHNC. 
The spirit of hooligan racing comes from a simpler time, when you raced – and could ride home on – any bike you owned. With its roots in Southern California motorcycle culture, today’s flat track hooligan racing category is rapidly gaining in popularity with riders of all ages and experience levels across the nation by offering the fun of motorcycle competition in a less structured environment. Combining the craft of custom motorcycles and racing the SuperHooligan rules are loose and limit the bikes to 750CC and up twins in stock frames with dirt track tires and no front brakes.

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