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The R7 concept by BMW has been in our minds for quite some time. The original concept was a thing of dreams and was way ahead of its time, featuring the world’s first telescopic forks and a perimeter style frame wrapped around BMW’s parallel twin.


The prototype R7 was designed by engineer Alfred Böning and built in 1934 but never saw the light of day due to BMW management decisions and WW2. Luckily, the bike was found in 2005 and resurrected as a full runner. A machine of this nature is priceless, so unless you are Mr. BMW, chances of riding the machine are minimal and owning it 100% impossible.

Lucky for us, we found someone as inspired as we were by a modern version of the R7. We had the original motor from the concept 90 sitting on a shelf, and it provided the perfect soul for the beginnings of this creation.

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