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The precise deconstruction of a beautiful form is a task that can bite back. It’s not without a measure of concern for the original form that we remove the aesthetic shell of what existed to expose the secondary layer of mechanical beauty that is beneath. The Ducati SuperLeggera started life as a limited edition carving of magnesium, carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum bent on race track dominance.
The inspiration for the deconstructed version of the SL came from the vintage superbikes of the 70’s and 80’s. It was a simpler time when men rode above the 170mph mark lap after lap without the aid of a fairing or windscreen. It was an age when racers necks must have been much wider and knowing the SL is capable of pushing up towards the 200mph mark makes the task of riding the bike that much more daunting. Knowing the rider would have to deal with overcoming the wind, it was paramount to maintain a fully functional electronics package. This was perhaps the most difficult aspects of the project. With nowhere to hide, the guts had to be exposed or covered with as minimal effort as possible.
The magnesium frame and vtwin motor are the canvas from which the rest of the bike springs forward so we let it be the guide of each piece. Fairing turned to flat number plate and intake which also holds the air sensor and GPS module as well as the gyro maintaining wheelie/ traction control. Full Ti and tweaked Akrapovic exhausts system was chopped up to narrow and hug the fabricated tail section. The fuel tank was cut and modified to maintain the stock shape and flow with the new body lines while also making room for electronics.
Febur factory race radiator and oil cooler replaced the stock units and add plenty of cooling and Super Bike grit to the front of the bike. Carbon high bars were put in place of the standard clip ons and a custom top triple clamp is being machined to carry custom risers. Next stop for the machine is the carbon shop to repop many of the aluminum bits in carbon to further bring the weight down into what will be a lighter version of the SL.

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