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The Moto Beach Classic returns to Bolsa Chica State Beach Saturday, October 26th for a day of exciting motorcycle racing, vibey live music sets, surf competition, art show, custom bike show, vendors and much more.


The Moto Beach Classic in only its third year has rapidly become a marquee beach event. Come share, celebrate, and inspire the act of getting your knees in the breeze and letting your soul be moved.  Moto Beach draws motorcyclists, artists, musicians, and fans from all walks of life, cultivating a community of eclectic humans celebrating a life on two wheels at the heart of Southern California beach culture.


This year we’ve once again partnered with our friends at Sea Legs at the Beach, a unique concert venue on the sand to bring a fun line up of punk, funk, metal, reggae, and soul. FISHBONE,  LONG BEACH DUB ALLSTARS, LAW, SPIRIT MOTHER, WARGIRL and BENT DUO serve as the backbeat to the final round of the 2019 Super Hooligan National Championship series, West Coast Board Riders Surf Comp, Bell Stunt Show, Art Show and Custom Bike Show. Add in Sprint Races, unique vendors, a kids STACYC electric bike course, delicious food, and spirited beverages, and you have an incredibly entertaining, fun for the whole family, event at the beach.

Super Hooligans once again hit the sands for the final round of heavy street bike racing. The fastest Hooligan racers in the nation, as well as riders looking just to have fun in front of their friends and family. Kids classes, choppers, costumes, run what ya brung, and lots more head to head surprises promise not to disappoint. 


Nothing embodies the spirit of competition like a good ol’ fashioned drag race, and RSD always ensures theres a plethora of high profile pavement pounders behind the bars to make the action all the more watchable. With titans of the moto-sphere like Max Hazan, Buddy Suttle Aaron Colton, Jeff Holt, Steve Caballero and many more, last year’s Salty Sprint race made for an intense bar to bar experience as these fearless freaks careened down the 400ft drag strip with spectators lining the course. A spectacle for all ages this Drag Race isn’t for the faint of heart but a must see for any festival goer looking for thrill.   


It wouldn't be a Roland Sands Design event without a custom bike show. Motorcycle customization is and has always been a culture of creativity engineering and style, providing a form for the industries best and brightest to show off their latest's art pieces, and feats of engineering. It's not only a unique attraction it also provides a crucial element to the Moto Beach classic. We expect builders from across the world to bring their builds ranging from mild restoration builds to wild choppers, café racers, and even purpose-built race bikes. Custom motorcycles and builders of this caliber are often featured in magazines, popular blogs and social media, commanding a following of their own and providing a unique draw to the Moto Beach Classic. The Moto Beach Classic Bike Show is an exclusive opportunity to pair your business with some of the scenes' most notable and influential names and provide extensive exposure on all RSD channels, builders channels, and media channels.


The Architects of Inspiration has become a centerpiece of the Moto Beach Classic event with a curated collection of unique instillations inspired by surf, skate, music, and moto culture. Initially structured to be an art collective solely, the Architects of Inspiration has grown to be a larger platform that includes a variant of creatives such as live muralists, painters, and music gurus. This year’s show will be an alluring installation in the heart of the action, where attendees will be able to enjoy moto-centric art all to the tune of revving engines, rocking beats and crashing waves.


Bell Helmets stunt shows keep the adrenaline pumping throughout the day with big bikes getting their front wheels at 12 o’clock, standing wheelies, precision drifting, acrobatic balancing acts and of course shredding endless tires in plumes of smoke.  Spectators will be shouting for more. 


The music we listen to before during or after our rides is such an enhancing sensation and often varies as much as the route we choose or the bikes we ride. The 2019 Moto Beach Classic musical line up of Fishbone, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Law, Spirit Mother, Wargirl and the Bent Duo reflects our eclectic tastes with a mix of local talent and headlining acts that will keep an upbeat vibe complementing the racing action and salty breezes throughout the day and into the night.
The symbiosis between moto and surf culture is uncanny with many participants from their respective sports crossing over, so It seems only natural that while racers will be on the gas to the east local surf legends will hit the “breaks” to the west. This year’s Moto Beach Classic will deliver one of the most exciting surf comps to date with legends from Huntington, Laguna, Malibu, Newport, and Redondo joining the fray.


The Vendor Village is located at the entrance of the Moto Beach Classic, south of the music stage.  Established custom motorcycle shops, dealerships, artists, hip brands, as well as motorcycle icons, will be lined from asphalt to sand. The Vendor Village is open until sunset. Click Here to become a vendor!

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