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Black Ops™ has taken black finishing to a new level of quality and detail. Black Ops has both textured black and a gloss black finish on one part. It's aggressive, yet subtle.
Machine Ops is a fusion of textured natural aluminum and detailed machining that exposes the true beauty of our aluminum alloy. We then dip the fresh machined parts in a slick clear anodize to protect the surface while keeping its raw aesthetic protected.
RSD Contrast Cut™ product starts with a finely machine, polished and black anodized part which is re-machined to bring out the design highlights. Close attention is paid to machine pattern and quality to ensure the best and cleanest machine work.
Our Brass parts are simple, raw and golden, giving your bike just the right amount of soul. Finely machined brass is left in it's natural state and will take on a feel unique to your environment.
Our Gloss Black anodized products are first hand polished and then anodized with a UV resistant black anodize that will hold it's color, increase durability and prevent oxidation. Our steel parts all receive a high quality surface prep followed by industry leading powder coat finish in either Gloss or Satin Black powder that protects it from the elements.
RSD offers the best chrome in the business by starting off with a hand polished surface preparation followed by layers of high quality, durable chrome. You will not see a shinier chrome.
CHROME-Wash with mild soap and water, use a healthy coat of Carnuba, apply often with a soft cloth.
BLACK ANODIZED-Wash with mild soap and water, no detergents or harsh chemical cleaners that can destroy the black anodized finish. You may use a non-abrasive wax with UV protectant on the black anodized portion of the product to protect it. Never use a harsh or abrasive wax as it will remove the black anodized finish. Avoid exposure to UV rays whenever possible.
CONTRAST CUT-See above for Black Anodized portion.  For the milled area on standard Contrast Cut wash with mild soap and water, no detergents or harsh chemical cleaners. To remove stains on the milled area you may use the following methods depending upon the condition of the wheel.
• A mild MAG polish will remove mild stains from the milled area, but will make the milled area shiny as it contains some abrasives. CAUTION: Take extreme care not to use this on the black ano surface of any product as it will remove the black finish.

• Scotch bright can be used to remove more severe stains on the milled area. CAUTION: Measures should be taken up to and including masking to ensure that the black ano surface of any product is not damaged.
BLACK OPS FINISH-Wash with mild soap and water.  No detergents or harsh chemical cleaners should be used, as they can destroy the anodized finish.  Wax and/or cleaners containing wax are not recommended as they may leave an uneven finish on the matte black surface.  Detail spray or WD40 also work well for “dry cleaning” or wipe-down.  Due to semi-rough surface of the Black Ops finish, we recommend using a micro-fiber or other lint free type of cloth in order to not leave behind any remnants of the cloth.
Roland Sands Design products are licensed, manufactured, engineered and sold by Performance Machine, LLC, Vance & Hines and Mustang Seats.  Thus all orders are subject to the warranty and rules by the above mentioned manufacturers. For further information please contact:
Performance Machine: Email: Tel: 800-479-4037
Vance & Hines: Email: Tel: 562-921-7461
Mustang Seats: Email: Tel: 800-243-1392
All prices are subject to change without notice.
RSD Limited Warranty
RSD Apparel is warranted against defects in material and workmanship from the original date of purchase for a period of five (5) years for leather jackets and one (1) year for textile jackets and leather gloves. RSD Apparel will, within the first ninety (90) days of purchase, replace the item if after inspection the garment is deemed to be not in conformance with our standards. After ninety (90) days, the warranty is limited to the repair of the parts and the necessary labor and services to repair the item. If the item after inspection is deemed non-repairable, RSD will replace the item or if item is discontinued or not available, an item of equal value at RSD discretion. Only the original purchaser of this product is covered under this limited warranty. This warranty is non-transferable. Original proof of purchase is required.
How to return:
Please return your product to the authorized retailer from whom you purchased it from, along with your original receipt. Upon inspection the retailer at its discretion will determine if the garment is eligible under our limited warranty. If deemed warranted, the retailer will return it to RSD for inspection where at our discretion the item will be repaired or replaced. No other expense will be incurred by you.
This limited warranty does not cover changes to the color of the leather/textile, scratches, tears, or other damage caused by normal wear and tear, accident damage or improper care or cleaning.

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