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Harley Engine

At the center of every motorcycle is it’s engine. Responsible for not only making power, but forging the soul of a motorcycle it is arguably the single most important piece of the machine. RSD knows this and with our Clarity and Nostalgia lines of engine covers we’ve created a way for you expose the heart of your machine, safely and uniquely to match your own level of expression.

Focusing on the future and starting with the Clarity line, we painstakingly designed and machined at the highest level of standards possible, a completely new type of cover that allows the inner workings of your motorcycle to be exposed. Nodding to the past, our Nostalgia line sports the iconic ribbed fins that while they look cool as hell, also have a performance function in that they allow the heat to dissipate quickly.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. RSD has you covered.

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