RSD MV Agusta

Mar 26th 2020

The standard MV Agusta Dragster was built for shredding. 900cc of howling triple cylinder goodness jammed in a compact GP like chassis. As with all our performance builds maintaining a fully functional machine and improving that performance were chief in our process. With the MV we also set out to bring a classic aesthetic to the package and in the spirit of MV racers of the past to build a racer out of it.  

The paint was it’s own complication. Getting the line work straight required an extra trip from Chris Woods shop in Santa Barbra for taped line work on the freshly based paint job. The team at Airtrix then completed the paint work detailing with the aqua marine stripes and returned the body just in time for it to head out for a seat.

We started by replacing the top triple clamp and high bars with a clip on set up for full canyon carver duty. The sub frame was hand fabricated with chromoly tapperd bicycle tubing and set the stage for the bodywork. We set a nice straight line through the bike which was maintained in the new aesthetic from front to back. The Shape of all hand made aluminum gas tank was built in the spirit of past MV racers with the twist of a quick fill style endurance racing gas filler. The front light was stripped in facor of a simple light and hanbbuilt shroud that follows the line of the tank and tail. Radiator shrouds were fabricated in aluminum and re-popped in carbon. A custom set of Roland Sands Design forged racing wheels was machined from blanks to take advantage of the beautiful architecture of the stock swingarm and single sided wheel and covered in an aqua marine satin cera coat along with the frame and subframe. The details continued with the Brembo nickel GP racing calipers front and back coupled with RSD radial masters on the controls. GP suspension rebuilt the forks and coated them in slick black rather than the stock red forks which were very bright. Zard fabricated the unique custom exhaust in full titanium ensuring the MV would scream when prompted.

We're just waiting for a custom saddle and side panels Bitchin Rich stitched up for us to finish the build off. We should see it all come together in the next few weeks!


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