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Id like to say my riding style is THE STYLE. No one has the smoothness or style I bring. You do me wrong on the track and ill come back and do you worse. Im the nicest one on the track and am usually the first guy to stop at a downed racer. I’m looking for a fight on the track either on or off my motorcycle!

I was just 3 years old when my dad was having a bbq and decided that I was ready to ride for the first time. Not ride a nice 50, or something with training wheels, but a sketchy Bonanza mini bike that he had put a 5HP brigs and Stratton motor into, and if you have ever ridden one as an adult they aren’t easy, I took off across the yard, hit the Dog, swapped and headed right for a fence, of course my dad couldn’t catch me and I went ... [READ MORE]

Jordan Graham

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I have the cleanest, Nicest painted moto at any race, anytime. I paint all my own stuff and keep it Fresh, if you aint lookin fast,feelin fast, or aren’t fast, whats the point?

Jordan Graham

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