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What is hooligan racing?

Hooligan racing is the true north of motorcycle culture. Street bikes on the dirt and an attitude to match the insanity of it all. This is about good times and there’s room for everyone to join the party. Today’s flat track hooligan racing category is rapidly gaining in popularity with riders of all ages and experience levels across the nation by offering the fun of motorcycle competition in a less structured environment. Every year we select the best events in the country to be part of the series, which aims to establish the frightening, yet rewarding craft of piloting 500 lbs. of fury at break-neck speeds around dirt and sometimes concrete tracks. The rules are simple and designed to keep costs down and fabrication to a minimum. 750cc and up Street Bikes ONLY! No front brakes and open to all manufacturers.

2019 Official Rules

Contingencies & Prizes

Contingency payouts will be paid by check following each race, upon receipt of final results provided by race organizer. More details for Sponsored payouts are COMING SOON!

Special Thanks to our 2019 Sponsors

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