Traction Forged 450 DTX Flat Track Rear Race Wheel

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SKU: 1447
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SKU: 1447
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Now available and will fit all current AFT Singles fitments!

RSD Traction flat track wheels are built for the racetrack to provide a lightweight, strong wheel that’s capable of surviving the wide variety of tracks and surfaces you may encounter. The wheels were designed by Roland Sands who also designed the original billet flat track wheel produced by Performance Machine. With a tweak in the style department, the new Traction wheel is made in California at the PM facility to the highest quality standards in the industry. Sold separately from Durelle Racing, Rear Spindle Assemblies fit into the RSD hub and wheel allowing for a wider variety of fitment options, including all current AFT Singles bikes. FEA testing and real life testing both in the laboratory and the race track have come together to produce a rock solid design that will live with your race machine for many seasons.


  • CNC machined from forged billet aluminum
  • Proprietary Black Ops anodized finish
  • Designed using FEA computerized simulated stress analysis
  • Physical/destructive lab tested to the strictest guidelines
  • Manufactured in California by Performance Machine
  • Closed course competition use only. Not for highway use
  • Can be used with or without innertubes
  • Valve stem included for tubeless operation
  • Bolt-on billet hubs included. Designed to accept any Durelle Racing Rear Spindle Assembly (Required for use) / Available directly from Durelle Racing only Durelle Racing Spindles
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